Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reader Submission: School Pizza

From Anonymiss:


This printed note came home from school with my son.

Dear Families,
Our class has earned our 2nd quarter goal of a lunch-hour Pizza Party on next Friday, February 1st. Our teacher used this experience as a Math lesson, and we used the data to calculate our information.
Based on our calculations, my cost for the pizza is $2.50. (We rounded up)!
I will also need to bring a drink from home, but my teacher will bring everything else.
I can't wait for this lunch.  My teacher says it is some of the best pizza she has ever had, and the kids really love it!
I need to bring my $2.50 tomorrow. Yummy!
Thank you,
(Signed by my son)

So she offers a reward and then requires that I pay for it. Does this feel familiar to anybody else?


The only thing I wonder about is whether this adheres to Michelle Obama's school lunch regulations.

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