Friday, January 11, 2013

Tactical Nuke: Friday January 11, Somethin Somethin 13

• Has anyone stopped to think: "hey, we live in the year twenty thirteen!".

  I mean, that is kinda crazy when you think about it. Especially when you consider that we are supposed to have flying cars and hoverboards and robot butlers by now. The year kinda  sneaked up on us and technology just couldn't keep up.

• As if Bloomberg didn't feel his nanny statism was nanny enough, he has now declared that hospitals in NYC cannot use stronger painkillers in emergency rooms.

  Gee, that's a relief to know that if my arm gets chopped off by a NYC subway, I won't be subjected to painkillers that might actually kill the pain.

  Actually, this just basically means you should avoid NYC at all's getting crazy there.

• Carry on.


  1. I want a flying car. And clothes that dry themselves...

    Hey. I think the next punchline should be something about what award Bill Clinton deserved to receive. I have several ideas... :)

    How's the new car working out? Have you named her yet?

  2. Slight modification: "Especially when you consider that we are supposed to have flying cars ("ON THE MOON" -Hunter) and hoverboards and robot butlers by now."

    Plus, you know, I've always wanted my mayor to have the authority to overrule emergency medical doctors with a one-size-fits-all dictat, but in Dallas we have a "weak mayor system" so there's no chance of it here. Which is sad. I mean really, who needs all those years of medical school?

    Everyone knows that the VAST majority any given student's time in med school is wasted studying endless Latin names for anatomical structures they're never going to encounter, much less have to deal with, over the course of their practice( due to the prevalence of "specialization"), OR spent chasing fellow students who are usually, but not necessarily, of the opposite gender.

    So it just makes SENSE to have a billionaire elected politician - who de facto MUST have super-human brilliance and wisdom - make these kinds of decisions.

    Because life was meant to be easy and free of the stress of making difficult case-by-case decisions!

    But apparently, not free of pain...


    as soon as we get this worked out we will have flying everything... humanity will skyrocket (no pun intended) pretty much to heights none of us could have ever imagined.