Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tactical Nuke: Thursday, January 3, 2012

• So I've been dreading today. This is the day I go try and buy a new vehicle to replace the one I totaled a couple weeks ago. You know, the perfectly good Jeep that I had paid off. I hate car dealerships and I hate shopping. Unlike most guys, I'm not even that excited about cars. To me a car is point A to point B transportation.

  But I do love Jeeps.

  Problem is, financing a new vehicle in this uncertain future that Obama has us in is something I just wanted to avoid at all costs. But I live at point A, and I work at point B, and rentals are really expensive after a while.

• The talk now is about how Boehner will have a tough time holding on to his House Speaker title. I'm no fan of his, but who are we going to replace him with? Lets face it, the Republicans who actually want to make real cuts to government are a minority in their own party. The House will never replace Boehner with someone who takes the deficit problem seriously and will stand up to the president over the debt ceiling.

• Argentina is whining about the Falkland Islands again. They claim that the British "stole them" 180 years ago. These people don't even know their own history or something.

  Here's the thing: Argentina as a nation didn't exist when the British claimed the Falklands. The islands were also there is no cultural claim to them either. And the British have held the islands for almost 200 years.

  So don't cry for them, Argentina.

• Carry on.


  1. Hahaha good luck buying a car, Keln. Whatever you do, don't buy a red one.

    1. Why not? That's my favorite color on a Jeep. Of course I am going for a red one.