Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Meaning of Freedom - A Real-World Example

It was "Missions Day" today at church, and the sermon focused heavily upon a recent news story about which I'd not heard anything.  Not trusting my own memory to recall the details accurately, I decided to Google the key points to see if I could locate the whole story.

Oh yes.

Please understand that I'd never heard of the International Justice Mission (IJM) before today. I have no idea what their overall politics are, or even if they take political stances on issues.

They free slaves.

That's WAY more than good enough to land on my "I admire your work" list. So rather than having me blather on in an attempt to sound intelligent, let me just cut straight to the heart of the matter and encourage you to read about the IJM’s great work. 

This article was from 10 days ago.  Did our press cover anything anywhere near as important today? 

Let’s see… 
...well there was Obama’s re-inauguration… 

...the 49ers are going to go to the Super Bowl… 

...for some reason NASA shot the image of the Mona Lisa to the moon.  

Nope, all trivia… nothing even close in importance.   

Has anyone else heard about this?  Is it just me?  Did I miss a memo recently? Or is our substitute pastor just a better itinerant journalist than, say, everyone else in the mainstream media?  

Please let me know if I'm being unfair.  


  1. I wish we had more stories like this one in the everyday press. With all the bad in the world, it's nice to see someone doing some good.

    From their website: " IJM's staff stand against violent oppression in response to the Bible's call to justice (Isaiah 1:17): Seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow." So, liberal or conservative, they are doing what they believe to be God's work, on their own dime, which makes them pretty good guys in my book.

  2. The idea that slavery like this still exists in this day and age is so disturbing. Despite our rants of dissatisfaction, we are very very blessed here in the United States.

  3. Guess who else frees slaves...