Saturday, February 2, 2013

Question #2

Does it scare anyone else that we have four more years of a president whose take away from the story of Cain and Abel is that we should "be our brother's keeper?"


  1. Apparently, the irony is lost on Dear Leader that the first murder in the Bible was motivated by what was essentially class envy.

  2. But, remember, he's the most awesome and incredibly intelligent president in the history of ever.

    And irony is ALWAYS lost on progressives: Consider the irony of being lectured on how we were staring into the fiscal cliff by a man whose campaign slogan was "Forward."

  3. His plan from the beginning was to tear America down and rebuild it as his Socialist utopia. He wanted to "fundamentally change" this country, and he's getting away with it. It just amazes me that so many people drank the Kool-aid. :(

    1. You don't try to "fundamentally transform" something that you love. If you do, you lose the thing you love in favor of what you are trying to create.

      I suspect the failure to realize this is the reason behind so many failed marriages: "Oh, once we're married s/he will change." Yeah, good luck with that. If changes does come, it's mot likely to be for the better.

  4. Since his definition of "keeper" apparently involves cages, YES.

    And that's not the only reason to be concerned.