Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pardon Me, But...

Model Citizens...

So, there is some whining going on about President Obama not granting many pardons, as it is in the power of the President to do so. In fact, he has granted the least pardons, by a large margin, of any president in the last 100 years: a total of 39. The ability of a president to grant pardons is one of those checks and balances built in to make up for the mistakes a government bureaucracy like the justice system inevitably makes from time to time. You know, stuff like putting a person in prison for 10 years when all they did was run a red light. That sort of thing.

So has the justice system just gotten so efficient under Obama that pardons are now rarely required? Probably not. Is Obama just afraid to let criminals out on the street? Not really considering his latest shenanigans  letting hundreds of criminal illegals out of jail because: Sequestration! So the system hasn't become near perfect and Obama isn't really averse to letting criminals roam free. So why won't he pardon more criminals? You have to think like Obama...the real questions is: Why would he?

Think about it. To Obama and his brand of leftism, prisoners are really the model citizen. They are in a place where the government can tell them what to wear, what to eat, when to exercise, and when to go to sleep. All for their own good of course. Because that is what government is for: looking out for your well-being. Prison is like a leftist utopia then.

16 ounce sodas will never be a problem there since it isn't even offered, except on special days maybe, if the citizens prisoners are being good. Guns? No problem...only government has those. Reading materials? Only what the government allows into the prison. Meals? Government-designed to give you exactly as many calories and nutrients you need and no more. Michelle would love it there. Well, not eating that food herself, but making other people eat it.

The citizens prisoners can be searched and their property ceased at anytime, for any or no reason without pesky judges and warrants. They can be told to be silent so as not to upset the other citizens prisoners. It really is a perfect place where all of your needs are taken care of by government and you are prevented from making bad life choices, by simply not having choices at all. So why would Obama want to be cruel and take these poor people out of this perfect government run place and put them back onto the nasty streets where heaven knows what could happen?

That would be going against all of the work he and the left have been doing to make the rest of the country just like prison.


  1. I think there should be a test for people who want to vote. One question: "What is the difference between the Berlin Wall and the Mexican Border Wall?" If they can't answer it, they can't vote. The same people who can't answer that question also like to compare a Mexican Border Wall with the walls of a prison. Unfortunately, Obama seems intent to intent on making the borders of this nation more like the Berlin Wall that the walls of, say, you house.

  2. The pardons become more common when the president nears the end of his time in office. Since Obama got re-elected, he didn't issue a big mess of pardons from Nov2012-Jan2013. That skews the average since the big mess of pardons from Nov2016-Jan2017 haven't been issued yet.