Friday, April 5, 2013

Conservatives Don't Complain Enough

I've decided we conservatives need to get with the times. We don't get offended enough. After reading about why we should "Say No to Size 0" because we don't wanna make curvy women like me feel bad...I also read "Saying No to The Say No to Size 0 Campaign" because those poor little Size 0 girls are people too...

I realized, that on the whole, I'm not nearly indignant enough.

Then I read about a youtube video made by some engineering students at Purdue that went viral. The fact that ENGINEERING students were CAPABLE of making a video over 200,000 people have seen was pretty amazing on its own. (These aren't video professionals like WD, ya know) so I watched it. It was moderately funny. It was regaled as an attempt to make engineering students look less nerdy and more cool.  Apparently, they thought putting sunglasses on nerds would do the trick. Hmmm.

Then I read this about how it was not diverse enough. The women in it weren't allowed to sing. All they did was "gyrate". Personally, I was surprised real engineering students could FIND so many girls willing to walk around with them enthusiastically while they took video.  Having graduated in engineering, the percentage of females in the clip was far higher than reality. FAR. Obviously these girls were NOT engineering students, just cute gals the engineers wooed with their video equipment and possibly cash. Maybe some liquor was involved (and that could explain both the enthusiasm AND why they weren't allowed to sing.) I was a little surprised that the students all looked like they were 12.  Besides that, it appeared to be a video of engineering students who couldn't dance to save their lives dancing anyway and having fun.

But apparently, I should be mad.  I'm a woman. I'm an engineer. I wasn't properly "represented". The girls in it didn't get to sing.  (The fact that the guys doing vocals actually wrote the lyrics shouldn't make any difference.)  They should have found several more international students to take part. Maybe some gay guys holding hands. I should be OUTRAGED!

But I'm not.

I figured, though, if I wanna fit in, I'm gonna have to start complaining.

So I'm resolved.

Next time I go to the grocery store I'm gonna insist that a lesbian checker check me out. If they don't have one, I'm gonna picket the store until they get one.

Then I'll picket because she's not size 0.


  1. If you don't think Conservatives complain enough, you've never heard me on a rant!

  2. Wait... did you just say you wanted a lesbian to "check you out"?


    I rather imagine she would be checking you out, even if you weren't in her line...

    1. Ummm...UGH. ICK!!

      Thank goodness I haven't been to the grocery store yet. I think I'll adjust my indignation to insist upon a gay guy to check me out. Then, if you happen to be with me that day, YOU can be the one being ogled. :P

      I get enough of that at Target... oh, and Sears. =)

  3. Recently someone got a bunch of gov't money to figure out why so many lesbians were overweight (much less a "size zero"). I could've saved them a bunch of time - girls who can't land guys try to save face by claiming they don't want guys in the first place.