Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cookie Challenge No. 4

OK, we have a winner for Cookie Challenge No 3.. Will all the contestants please come forward…um, both of you.  While Arik's answer was correct and  made a brilliant side swipe at "Barry the Hutt", the judges have awarded the Cookies to (once again) Rodney Dill, for his powerful invocation of the late great Gov. Wm J. Le Petomane.  (Rule No 2273.b clearly states, "Extra points may be awarded for any pertinent reference to Monty Python or Humphrey Bogart, or for any reference to Blazing Saddles or The Three Amigos, as long as it is germane and serves to manifestly perpetuate the…..blah blah blah….it goes on and on).  The Rules are quite extensive, and were patterned after recent health care legislation.  Nobody has any idea what's contained in the Rules, but compliance is mandatory, although requests for exemption may be considered if submitted in writing.  Or if you have made a donation to Nuking Politics  

Anyway, on to Cookie Challenge No. 4  Recently we learned that female DNA was found on one of the bombs used in Boston. To determine who this DNA might belong to, the Department of Justice is investigating the four people shown below.  Your challenge is to pick the one that the DOJ is most likely to concentrate on. 

bomber's wife

bomber's mom

bomber's aunt
sarah palin


  1. Palin, as she's already a known menace to moose-limbs, you betcha.

  2. Palin. She could see Russia from her house and knew when she had her big chance to plant the bombs.

  3. Palin, due to palintropy.
    Palintropy - the tendency in any political discourse for civility and rational discussion to decline and degenerate.

  4. (This reminds me of a radio contest that WCSX in Detroit used to air -- "The Answer is Always C")

  5. Bombing? What bombing?!? Why were we not informed of this?!?

  6. The correct answer is not shown: Anonymiss.

    It's obvious she's a right-wing extremist who clings to her God and guns.

    You might think she's just another pretty face, but THAT'S HOW SHE GETS YOU!!!

    Just ask her evil twin.