Tuesday, May 14, 2013

House of Cards

Obama administration?

So, with all that has been going on lately, like a new scandal every day or something, it might seem like the Obama house of cards is starting to fall apart. I mean, it's been crazy enough that Benghazi was almost completely ignored for so long until now and that people just bought what the White House was selling on that, but the fact that they are trying to spin the same way with all of this other stuff that's going on is just insulting. The people may be stupid sometimes, but we aren't stupid all of the time. And from the sweat on Carney's brow lately, I'm guessing he, at least, knows that. Not sure about his boss though.

It really does take a special kind of arrogance to not only swat this stuff away as "republicans on a witch hunt" or whatever, but also for one of the targets of your administration's misuse of power and buffoonery being a major media organization. That's like being a little weakling but never getting beat up because your best friend is a 7 foot, 300 lb body builder who protects you. And then calling that best friend names. That's just a really bad idea. And as these stories seem to be carried more and more on all of the media outlets, I'd guess Obama's best friend is a bit peeved.

So it's easy to assume that this stuff will just cascade out of control and that "we've only scratched the surface" as one politician put it. And that this will all lead to impeachment or something. You can already see people saying "impeach!" all over the internet, and the facts aren't even clear yet. I would be very surprised if there wasn't a lot of skeletons in this administration's closet, including serious criminal and unconstitutional conduct...it is Chicago politics after all. But don't be hasty about impeachment...we all saw how pointless that is with Clinton.

Granted, the things Clinton was being charged for were possibly lesser offenses than what Obama might be guilty of (again..Chicago politics), but the problem is, few people actually want to see a sitting president removed. And I don't mean you or me, I mean politicians. The idea of it makes them feel vulnerable themselves and uncomfortable. There isn't much love for actual accountability in Washington. So, I am about 99% sure that unless Obama personally murdered someone, he's safe.

And that might be a good thing. Because if Obama goes, we have Biden, unless they can stick charges to him too (doubtful...does anyone really believe Biden is in the circle?). And after that Boener, and the list gets worse. If there was something to be done, I would prefer some kind of censuring with the stipulation that the President is not allowed to leave the White House or get in front of a camera or submit stupid ideas for the remainder of his presidency.

Like a perfect little president.

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  1. Keln, I know you hate politicians, but I sure like your ideas.

    It would be nice if someone with some sense held office in this country.

    And I mean more tha a sense of their own well being and security.