Saturday, May 18, 2013

Read Reid Reasor's Reasoned Screed

This lengthy comment was posted recently in response to an Independent Sentinel piece on Obamacare penalty tax dollars being funneled into self-serving, far-left "community organizations," which I surround in scare quotes only to indicate that, while they may literally be community organizations, they are as scary as any community organizations that have ever been mentioned in connection with the current administration.

My take on the comment, which I will repost verbatim, in its entirety, is that even if 95 percent of the familiar dirty laundry list were proven to be completely false or largely misrepresentations, any person worthy to be known as the leader of the free world, who took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, would step down if the remainder of the accusations regarding what took place under his watch were questionable.

Though such protracted rants as replies are generally frowned upon, and we all know the chilling effect a frown can have, submitted for your consideration:

Reid Reasor 

May 17, 2013 at 6:30 pm 

If you now continue to support Barack Hussein Obama after he;
Threatened the media over Kenya and Benghazi, after the IRS targeted over 500 conservative groups, after fast and furious, after violating Article V of the US constitution, after illegally sitting on the UN security council, after raising the House and Senate pay out of session against the 27th amendment, after unconstitutional recess appointments, after fraud on the Indiana ballot, after violating the freedom of religion in the 1st amendment by forcing contraceptive and abortions on church hospitals, after violating the 2nd amendment to own firearms by authoring and supporting the UN arms treaty, after side-stepping senate approval and implementing the UN seas treaty giving away key technologies, after violating the 4th amendment with vast expansion of the patriot act (Bush here guilty also) , after violating the 5th amendment by killing a 16 year old boy, for lying about the Jihad attack at Fort Hood hurting families, after violating the 6th amendment by detaining US citizens without probably cause or imminent threat, after violating the 8th amendment by sentencing a boy to death for having a Islamic father, after delivering key technologies to Russia about our “star wars” anti-missile capability against our Export Control and Technology Transfer laws, ignoring the black panther intimidation in Philadelphia , after violating the 10th amendment by expanding powers not granted to it by the states with Obamcare and gun registry, after the huge ammo void by insane DHS purchases and stopping ammo deliveries from outside the United States, after violating the 1973 war powers act by conducting military operations past 30 days without consulting or informing congress, after supplying the Al Qaeda rebels in Syria with illegal guns from the CIA, after threatening the supreme court, having the DHS agents train to shoot right wing pregnant women as “terrorists”, after the IRS prosecuted religious organizations for speaking out against gay marriage, after granting Saudi Arabians exceptions from homeland security inspections, after letting felons out of jail for sequester lies, after not securing the US boarder on purpose, after stopping the states from enacting voter registration laws violating the 10th amendment, after compromising “black” security protocols by releasing the identity of SEAL team 6, after concocting a lie about the Benghazi video to get elected, then lying about lying in Benghazi, after using “global warming” as a means to shut down our industry and ship it to China so we could borrow money from them to pay for or unemployment while china pollutes more than we ever did, after avoiding the real decay in America by our failed inner city schools and inner city unemployment, after being a racist for highlighting anything about white on minority crime while ignoring heinous minority on white crime, after spending money of himself and his vacations far more than the entire royal family in England…combined, after violating federal law by having dinner fund raisers in the white house with tax payer funded meals, after the obscene out of control additions to our national debt, after protecting the most evil cooperation in the world…Monsanto, after the Senate seat deal with the governor of Illinois, after conspiring with the globalist George Soros, after the sequestration lies about budget cuts hurting any office other than the military, labeling right wing Christians as “terrorists” in Army manuals, after telling each agency to ensure America felt pain when not needed, after not enforcing federal drug laws in states that have yielded their drug enforcement to the federal government, after suspending posse comitatus thereby demanding our own military use force on the US population, after destroying our credibility with almost every nation on the planet, after betraying our fallen warriors, and betraying the military he is supposed to honor by persecuting Christians in our own service. 

You can have whatever bent philosophy of “redistributing wealth” or “social justice” or “new world order” you want as long you say within the law (That is the US Constitution by the way) , but if you voted for this man twice and you still support this man at this point…you are either:

- Incredibly narcissistic and think that the ends (that you decide) justify the means (that you decide) and therefore you are a domestic threat to the US Constitution and should be locked up
- Incredibly stupid and should not ever be allowed to teach our children or teach in any university
- Incredibly outspoken racist (illegal) and should never occupy any government job, or supervise anyone
- Incredibly corrupt and should spend your remaining days in jail
- Incredibly brain washed into communism/statism/socialism/globalism that you are a domestic threat to the US Constitution and should be locked up
- Incredibly arrogant and just cannot admit to anyone, ever, that you made a mistake in judgment
- Incredibly anti-humanity, non-scientific ultra-green wacko that cannot process that wind, solar and geothermal are just gimmicks…and that most every green policy we have ever made has actually cost US taxpayers more, caused more world pollution, killed our economy, shut down jobs and increased inner city poverty…(all on purpose by the way).
At any rate…if you continue to support this man, that means to me that you are not open to any real dialog, that you are a demagogue of anger without reason; therefore I’ve got nothing for you, please block me right now, and go your way. 

Rant out…Lt Col (Ret) USAF Reasor

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