Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Truth Shall Set You Free

I'm sure everybody is as surprised as I am at the stunning revelation that the IRS was singling out Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny and invasive questioning. Which is to say: Not surprised in the slightest.

The headline on this story should read: Group Protesting Oppressive Government and Taxation Oppressed by Oppressive Government Entity Responsible For Enforcing Tax Code.

But that wouldn't fit.

The sad fact here is that the Obama Administration (and I have little doubt this goes very high up, indeed. Alinsky rules. Put an amoral man in the White House, expect amoral behavior from his administration.) has gone and proven the truth of what the Tea Party was protesting: That high taxes and big government lead to oppression.

Don't expect to hear that (absolutely true) analysis on the Nightly News: Obama Administration Validates Tea Party Concerns.

Just wait until his IRS has a hand in enforcing your health care.

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