Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Great Tunes: Right Wing Pigeons

It's no secret that I love music, and it's only slightly less well known that I love punk music. The biggest problem is that most punk tends toward the left side of the political spectrum. (And don't tell me the F.U.s are right-wing, because they're not.) I have decided to rectify this situation by appropriating some of my favorites and changing the lyrics to reflect a more realistic and enlightened world view.

 I have a modest example here. I am calling it Left Wing Pigeons, because I am stealing the tune to The Dead Milkmen's "Right Wing Pigeons" and giving it better lyrics. Fight the Power!

Left Wing Pigeons:

The State of California wants a law on the books:
Says "Socialize Everything and we won't have crooks!"
Now what could make them think that way?
What could make them act that way?

They're just Left Wing Pigeons from Outer Space,
Sent here to destroy the Human Race.
They don't give a d*** about you or me:
They're just banning guns and spreading V.D.
(Let's go!)

This lady in Detroit gets paid for sex:
Had twenty-six kids for the welfare checks.
Now what could make her think that way?
What could make her act that way?

She's just a Left Wing Pigeon from Outer Space,
Sent here to destroy the Human Race.
She don't give a d*** about you or me:
She's eatin' food stamp Cheetos and watchin' T.V.

The man in the White House, he just don't care.
He butchers little babies and he bleats "Fair Share."
Now what could make him think that way?
What could make him act that way?

He's just a Left Wing Pigeon from Outer Space,
Thinks he's the Savior of the Human Race.
He don't give a d*** about you or me:
He's just wants to wreck the entire country.


  1. I censored your silly song the tiniest bit, Brashful. It's prettier with asterisks anyhow :)

    1. you're worse then Keln withe the censoring. he gave me lots of leeway.

    2. You just let me blog here so as to look cooler by comparison, huh Keln? I see how it is. :)

      I'm not even gonna get out the grammar hammer for you, wd. It's just not worth it.

      Geez. :)

  2. Sorry, I didn't think that was a bad enough word to need censored. I thought about "Darn," but it just didn't seem right.

    Unny wouldn't have censored me. :(


  3. I think this is brilliant. I've loved punk music since before I could drive. its always bothered me how many lefty's are in punk music. punks and hippies should not share space.

    1. "Punk ain't no religious cult:
      Punk means thinking for yourself."

      Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks F#% Off

      It's amazing how many in the punk world want to be themselves by letting the government take care of them.

    2. Same here, I was a big fan of punk when I was younger (still listen from time to time), but always wondered what most of them were going on about. In the same song they would say down with government, but espouse lefty socialist ideas.

      Lot of punk bands tried to make it sound like they are anarchists, but last I checked anarchists aren't awfully fond of regulations and what not.

    3. I saw a guy on "Hannity" one night, claimed he was an "anarchist." 30-year-old college student. Ivy League. His grand plan for "anarchy" was for government to provide everything people need for free, like nice houses.

      Today's Ivy League anarchist apparently believes that big government is the solution.

      And they wonder why we don't consider an Ivy League degree to be an indicator of intelligence anymore.