Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Snowden: Anonymiss Issues

I think I may have a problem.

I know who Edward Snowden is.

I do.

I recognize he sacrificed everything about the life he knew...to inform us about illegal government activity.

I think he is VERY brave.

I respect him.

That is why I think I may have a problem.

Every time I read the word  "Snowden"....

Every SINGLE time...

Before I think of this:

I think of this:

It's a little snowman from Target in the late nineties. For several years, they had "Snowden" themed Christmas merchandise. I think I may spend a LITTLE too much time at Target. :)

Anyone else with that problem?


  1. I agree with your take on Snowden, but here's four places I refuse to go to (in no particular order):

    1. Target
    2. Leech infested swamps
    3. The Bowels of Hell
    4. Anyplace my ex-mother-in-law might be

    1. Oh sweet Springeraz, why no Target????

      When I walk in the doors I just sigh and smile contentedly.

      It's like coming home :)

    2. I refer you to items 3 and 4 above....

    3. Got it.

      I have an idea.

      Anytime you need anything, you just tell your friend good Anony and I'll pick it up at Target for you. Just call me. I'll probably be there anyway... :)

    4. Try "good friend". Wow.

      I think I caught dyslexia somehow.

    5. :) I answered you here: http://www.nukingpolitics.com/2013/06/need-personal-shopper.html

    6. Appreciate it, but your time would be better spent helping Michelle...see http://www.nukingpolitics.com/2013/06/yes-michelle-we-get-message.html

  2. for some reason i think of heller's catch-22, "where are the snowdens of yesteryear?". but i think of it in yossarians french translation "ou sont le neigedens d'antan?"

    no clue why. not that big a fan of the book and my french pretty much sucks

  3. I want to shop at Target, but I can never find the entrance.