Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Need Help Finding Ammo? NP EXCLUSIVE!

Apparently, Springeraz is looking for ammo.  That's not uncommon. I guess the shortage of ammunition is so acute that some are actually waiting in line for gun shops to open on the day new shipments come in. Many places put strict limits on the number of rounds that can be purchased at once.

Some blame stockpiling conservatives who want to be prepared. Some blame Homeland Security and their "stash".

I don't know who's to blame.

But I do know something about shopping.

Sometimes....you have to be creative. The best deals are often in places you wouldn't expect.

Because I love you guys....I'll share what I know....

This is an actual picture my sister took:

So no, Springeraz. No ammo at Target....

You'll have to check this out for yourself.

I love you, but I won't enter KMart (The Bowels of Hell) for anybody. :)

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