Friday, July 26, 2013

A Blog About Phony Issues

Do you think that it really matters that four Americans were murdered in Benghazi and our President ran and hid?  Do you really believe there's any reason to investigate the President's role in the deaths of  Seal Team 6 members three months after the Bin Laden raid?  Do you think it's a big deal that every one of the organizations applying for 501c (4) status  that were singled out by the IRS for special audits and harassment, was conservative or had "Tea Party" or the word "Patriot" in their name?  

Do you insist on going on and on about our AG selling thousands of weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, then lying to congress about it?  Are you going to continue asking stupid questions about the totally unworkable monstrosity that is Obamacare, or about this notion that it, alone, will bankrupt this nation?  Do you really think that the fact that 60 years of Democrat rule and liberal policies has anything to do with why Detroit is now bankrupt?  

If you have a problem with any of those matters, there's good news:  You can forget about all of them because they're all "phony issues".  They have all been exaggerated or outright made up by conservatives bent on wrecking the country.  How do we know this?  The President said so.

If the President wants to know where the term "phony" should be directed, if he really wants to know where to put the blame for the train wreck that is going on in this country, all he needs to do is look in a mirror.  Here's a picture of him doing exactly that, but he obviously wasn't paying attention.


  1. well, to be honest, obama is a phony, the issues are about him.
    therefore, they are phony issues.

    i'd really like to know where he was during the seven missing Benghazi hours, what he was doing and who (if anyone) he was doing it with.

    1. I doubt if we'll ever find out where he went or what he was doing. Something that seems consistent with who I believe he is would be that he panicked, because he was afraid the situation would harm the libs chances in the midterms. That issue was all he cared about.

    2. i agree he panicked, but not about the libs chances. it is all about him and he was hiding so no one know what a poltroon he is.

      just my opinion

    3. JW...I"m going with your answer here...I like it better than mine. I also think poltroon is the best adjective I've heard for this guy in weeks. I'm going to talk to Anonymiss about some cookies for you...

    4. Oatmeal, butterscotch chip, pecan 1/4 cup cookies to jw! :)

    5. Whatever he was doing, he was likely doing it poorly, like he does everything else.