Saturday, July 20, 2013


Can I just say how excited I am to, two, three, four, ....count them FOUR! of my dwarves post in one day? :)  Wow. It's awesome.

I think I'm going to have a little party to celebrate and invite all seven of my dwarves and all of my sweet readers.

Cookies for EVERYBODY!!!!

I'm no longer in the dungeon, so we can have a proper party. Woo hoo!  It'll be so much fun! I can't wait.

Oh, convenient! While all you big strong guys are here....I'm sure you won't mind helping me out a bit. My new baby needs to be moved from the dungeon to the kitchen.

♫ Heigh heave ho, heigh heave ho ♫...

Oh, and be sure not to drop her, guys. The warranty covers damage due to firearms, but I'm not sure it covers broken arms ;)

You guys are just the SWEETEST. :D