Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Classic Nuke: Pay Disparity: It's What's For Dinner

[From the Nuking Politics Archives: Pay Disparity: It's What's For Dinner originally posted October 19, 2012....(the original has some interesting comments, if I remember correctly... :)]

Many people think pay disparity is just for women, but it affects men all the time... and sometimes even me. Mika Brzezn... Mika the polack (I am one I can say that, its our word) from the MSNBC show “morning Joe” has been fighting with her... network for a while now because she makes half of what Joe makes. This makes total sense considering MSNBC is practically MSDNC... see what I did there? I know I'm not the first to say it but its pretty clever.

anyway, I don't really have a problem in this case that Joe makes twice as much as Mika.  After all he has double duty.  He has to pretend to know what he's talking about, and pretend to be a Republican.  We all know that's a lot of work.

Now you may be thinking to yourself why talk about pay disparity and men then go to a story about Mika Polack? Well I needed at least four paragraphs to this for one, and because I saw that story and thought I would use it to pad this story.

Now that Nuking politics has hit the arbitrary milestone of 50,000 views I think it's time Keln breaks us of a few. I'm getting tired of him rolling around the NP offices with gold plated diamonds rattling around in his pocket. Why does anyone need gold plated diamonds anyway? I mean sure its a hedge against inflation and a safe bet with gold prices soaring these days, but it just doesn't serve any practical purpose.

So I'm just sayin you know... hand us “little people” a few of those diamonds.

But you could always threaten to fire me again, that always keeps me in line for a few weeks.


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