Thursday, July 25, 2013

Detroit In Collapse

I made this video the other day, you should watch it... cuz it has me in it.


  1. Lot of solid, useful information...people like ed schultz do this country a major disservice with their lies and distortions, but this kind of video is a decent antidote......

  2. Walkingdead! We've missed you! You are the perfect guy to give Detroit info. Awesome as usual :)

  3. thank you, both of you. I've got a few more like this I will be posting in the days to come.

  4. Loved the video, Chris!

    I would like for someone to force Melissa Harris-Perry to answer these questions:

    "Melissa, how do you justify blaming the catastrophe that is Detroit on Republican desires for smaller government when, as Chris has pointed out, Detroit's government didn't shrink?"

    "Melissa, how do you justify blaming a government "that is small enough to drown in a bathtub" for Detroit's decline when A) Detroit doesn't have a small government, and B) the city did not require a large government to be founded or to grow to its historical apex?"

    "Big Government" didn't create Detroit, it destroyed it.

    A small government might not return Detroit to its former glory - because small governments are less dictatorial, less intrusive, and more efficient, and frankly there may be no good economic reason for Detroit to ever become a "great city" again. A small government would also recognize that that wouldn't be their decision to make, and let such things be managed by the market.

    However, one thing a small government definitely WOULD do, is run and manage what is now left of Detroit in a far better manner than it is currently being run. Based on several things Chris said, it sounds like Detroit COULD be a pretty awesome place if they could just manage to throw out the evil trolls who took over their government a long time ago.