Monday, July 1, 2013

Deviled Deen?

So I don't know what to think about Paula Deen. I like to cook. On occasion, I watched her cooking show. I would have described her as a sweet, warm, welcoming Southern woman who showed her love for others by making them food. I was not raised in the South, however, and some of the Southern mannerisms, colloquialisms and traditions are foreign to me. The race struggle is very different there. In the south, blacks and whites live side by side in both the wealthy and poor areas of town. Though it's not "segregated", the racial distinction is pronounced. In some ways, the south seems to be decades behind the rest of the country. The High School next door to my parent's church building is called "Jefferson Davis High". I have seen the  flag of the Confederacy flying at a variety of homes and businesses. Apparently, old wounds and prejudices heal slowly in the Southern climate.

Basically, this woman has been accused of making unkind, ugly remarks. She has been accused of making choices based on antiquated prejudices. I believe she admitted to these allegations and offered an apology.

Perhaps that is not enough?

Of course, one apology does not make up for a history poor choices.

But a sincere apology is the first step in that direction.

We Americans seem to like to make people into symbols. We remove all of the real characteristics from the person and equip the symbol with only the bad (or good) qualities with which we disagree (or agree).  The rest of the abandoned. And frankly, that is unfair.

Below are two opinions I've read supporting Ms. Deen.

Valid points.

It does seem as though she is being judged by the media and retailers without a full understanding of the problem. Shouldn't we try her before she is convicted? Should more than one of her qualities be examined before we do a character assassination? Do retailers fear Progressive backlash so much that they can endorse such hasty unilateral cuts? Her livelihood is being destroyed. That, and the livelihood of all those she employed. I'd be surprised if they were all disgruntled workers. They are probably a bit dismayed now, though, as they'll all be losing their jobs.

Innocent until PROVEN guilty in America? Hmm.

Unless the definition of proven = *hashed over by the progressive media*. Then she's irretrievably guilty. She deserves to be lynched.


  1. thirty years ago paula deen used, in private, language that is now considered objectionable. in that same time frame, richard pryor and chris rock became multi-millionaires using the language in public.

    i think that if deen is to be treated like this, then pryor's estate and chris rock should have to surrender their fortunes as well.

  2. It's probably not so much that she is guilty of anything other than being a necessary part of the war on freedom of speech and thought that the left is waging on America. Children are punished for make believe guns, teens are jailed for jokes and adults are ruined, not for crimes but to make us afraid. We have met the jack booted thugs and they are us, every time we don't resist tyranny of thought.