Thursday, July 4, 2013

He Said What?

After weeks of civil war in Egypt, the military has seized control, and President Morsi has been placed under house arrest.  Prresident Obama declares that he is "deeply concerned", and issued a statement, saying that he "….is committed to the democratic process and respect for the law…"  Really?  There are small creatures running around on my property that have more self awareness than that.

They understand their surroundings, and they know how to do their job.  Somehow we find ourselves with a leader who is so clueless he can't see the outrageous irony in making such a statement.

The hypocrisy is stunning.  If his "deep concern" for Egypt was applied to America, the country he purports to lead, there wouldn't be any problem.  At any time in the last five years has he demonstrated any respect at all for the democratic process or the rule of law right here in the country he's supposed to be leading?  If he has, somebody let me know, because I missed it.

He spies on American citizens, reserves for himself the sole right to decide which American citizens to kill with drones, ignores fraudulent election practices when he likes the result, makes illegal appointments that bypass the congressional right of review, threatens the strength of the dollar with quantitative "easing", allows preferential treatment on the basis of race by his own DOJ, and attacks the sovereignty of individual states when their actions don't square with his political agenda.  

He ignores laws that govern illegal aliens and his legal duty to enforce those laws,  attacks the concept of freedom of choice by the imposition of obamacare,  allows the IRS to persecute groups with political points of view that he doesn't agree with, and ignores the oath he took to protect and defend the constitution, plus a hundred other illegal actions I can't think of right now. Please tell me how he can make such a statement about respect for rule of law?

His entire decision making process seems to be driven solely by what will serve his interests in the next election.  After doing his best to divide us against each other, defy the concepts of the balance of power and checks and balances, and completely ignore his duty to control government spending, how can he look us in the eye and say anything about respect for the democratic process?

But he did.  He keeps one-upping himself in the clueless department, and it scares me to think what he might come up with next.

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  1. and yet he was not only elected, he was re-elected.

    one weeps