Wednesday, July 31, 2013

If Not Zumba, Then...

I have no idea why, but my dwarves seem to be resistant to the idea of "Zumba". For those of you who don't know already, Zumba is latin dance for exercise. It is exciting, sexy, exhilarating, and so much fun you don't even know you're exercising. :)  I have no clue why you wouldn't want to try it. After test driving dozens of different workouts over the course of my life (and hating them all!) I finally found perfection. It makes me fit, happy and feel like a woman. It's wonderful :) *infomercial over*

The thing is, if you're not gonna do Zumba (and be happy exercising) then ya gotta do something lousy. Like running on a treadmill. Exciting. Or P90X . Ugh. Or the aptly named "Insanity". My guess is those aren't gonna be up my dwarves' alleys either.

But I know my guys wanna be in good shape. They wanna have the six packs that all women adore.

After searching and searching, I did find one other idea:


  1. I could get a whole twelve pack that way.

  2. The spirit is willing, but my bumba is weak.

  3. i think i might have enough problems without adding something that makes me "feel like a woman".

  4. MY EYES!!! AAAARGH!!!