Monday, July 22, 2013

MSNBC Side Show

The people at MSNBC don't seem to have noticed, but for years their ratings have been at the bottom of the scale.  If anybody there ever actually wondered why, here's a couple of spectacular reasons.  First, we have Melissa Harris-Perry on air, wearing tampons for earrings.  I guess she was trying to make a point about some people who weren't allowed to bring tampons and jars of feces to the Texas State Legislature when they passed an abortion safety bill.  Nice.

She also made some remarks about Detroit's bankruptcy, stating that the problem is that Detroit's government is just too darn small, thanks to Republicans.  Yeah.  She really said that.  It's hard to say whether her idiotic views were an attempt to call attention away from her earrings, or whether it was the other way around.  

To make sure he wasn't left out, Ed Schultz outdid himself with an unbelievable diatribe about Detroit.  The entire problem, you see, is that Detroit's problems are the result of a "conservative utopia".  Never mind that the city has been under total liberal control for decades, the city government is a case study in bloated self serving mismanagement, and that the collapse of the automotive industry is clearly due to unions, and years of blissfully accumulating unfunded pension obligations.

Mr. Schultz entire thesis seems to be that the financial chaos in Detroit, and the collapse of the automotive industry is because of Republican policies.  (I wonder if he appreciates the irony in the fact that his show was led off with a Honda commercial.)  Everything was going along just fine until those nasty conservatives showed up.

This is a truly surreal side show.  All it would take to stitch it all together is some calliope music and some dancing poodles.  Mr Schultz is keeping up with Ms Harris-Perry in the made-up nonsense-news category, but he needs to up his game in the wardrobe accessories department.  Maybe he should try wearing a condom for a hat.    


  1. what passes for class with Melissa Harris-Perry is that the tampons weren't used.