Friday, July 19, 2013

Obama: Leading From His Behind

To even use the word "leading" in the context of Mr Obama's behavior is an abuse of the English language.  If there was one word that summed up his actions it wouldn't be leading, the closest might be "sabotage".  Some examples of this sabotage are:  He betrayed Seal Team 6, and three months after they killed Bin Laden his actions resulted in the death of 25 members of that elite force.   He concocted the monstrosity that is obamacare, with no clues as to the problems it would cause.  He used the IRS to harass and punish organizations that he viewed as "enemies".  The list is very long.  

Once again, today, he used his bully pulpit not to lead, not to help close the racial wounds that threaten the fabric of this country, his words emphasized the fact that the man who died in that confrontation was black. The fact that Zimmerman had the legal and moral right to defend himself against an attack that threatened his life doesn't seem to matter.  The fact that he has been acquitted won't stop Mr Obama's AG from trying to bring civil rights charges based on the presumption of a racially motivated hate crime.  The fact that an investigation by the FBI found no evidence of any racial bias by Mr. Zimmerman apparently means nothing.  

If the exact same incident happened with the exception that the races were reversed, no charges would have been brought, there wouldn't have been a trial, and nobody would have heard of the whole thing.  All Mr. Obama seems to see is the opportunity to make one half of the country mad at the other half because the one who died happened to be black.  This is what "community organizers" and race hustlers do, Mr Obama.  It is the mirror opposite of "leading".

How many people were murdered in Chicago alone since this incident happened in February of 2012?  The answer is over 680 people, a lot of them children.  How many of those shootings could be justified as self defense?  Approximately zero.  How many of the shooters were black?  The last question shouldn't matter to any of us, but there are two reasons Mr. Obama ignores these questions.  One is because the answer isn't convenient to his race baiting meme.  The other reason is that, given that Chicago has some of the most repressive gun laws in the country, it isn't  convenient to his gun control agenda. 

In Georgia, Antonio Santiago and his mother were both shot Thursday by two assailants who demanded money.  His mother didn't have any money, so they shot Antonio in the face.  He was 13 months old, and he died at the scene.  Try to imagine the outrage from Mr Obama and people like Al "Resist We Much" Sharpton if the child had been black and the shooters white.
Antonio Santiago  
Mr Obama has made a mockery of the honorable office of President of the United States since 2009, and he has done immense harm to the country in the process.  If he had one ounce of respect for that office, or for the people of this nation, he would resign in shame tomorrow morning.  It would probably be the first honest thing he ever did in his entire life.