Saturday, August 10, 2013

Literal Truth From A Virtual President

 Here is probably the clearest statement I have seen lately that spells out the only position possible for any president who honors the constitution and the oath he took to protect it.  It's the kind of thing we would hear from our "leaders" if they were at all interested in simply doing the jobs they were hired to do.  Contrast it with the actual position taken by those in power, and ask yourself "why?" 

Anybody who values our freedom knows why this discrepancy exists.  President Obama hides his agenda in plain sight, and nobody charged with protecting the country from that agenda will step up to the problem.  Save a very small number of Senators and Representatives, whose efforts focus on specific issues, but ignore the fundamental criminal trespasses on the constitution.  For the first time in this country's history the biggest threat we face is from within, brought by "leaders" who take advantage of the co-conspirators and "useful idiots" of the left, and the cowardice and duplicity of our representatives on the right.   All with the help of a liberal media who long ago gave up all pretense of doing their job of informing the American people. 

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  1. I love this speech - thanks for the reminder, springeraz! Bill Whittle is one of my heroes!