Friday, September 6, 2013

Another One for Frank J.

Personally, I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this:

But I figured Frank J. would like it.

Do you like it, Frank J.?


  1. I kill hundreds of people a week with virtual guns in video games, but only ever killed maybe five people with real guns. It's a stilly comparison.

  2. You may have lost count. After the first three or four you hardly notice anymore.

  3. I'm impressed and jealous - to the best I can recall I've never gotten a response from Frank, no matter what I've tried. Seemingly insightful works, funny pictures, sympathetic notes, congratulations, compliments, offers to co-run for high office, taunts, veiled insults, and outright challenges - nothing has worked!

    And here he's your first response!

    Granted I haven't tried being a female bearing fresh cookies, but there are some lengths to which I simply will NOT go!

    Anonymiss once again demonstrates her innate advanta-- uh superiority.