Friday, September 27, 2013

O.J.'s Been Stealing What???

O.J. Simpson. You know the guy who was chased in the white bronco by the police and had the glove that didn't fit? The guy who was acquitted of murder, but was then sent to prison for armed robbery in Las Vegas? Oh, and I think he played football or something, too. Remember him ?

Pool/Getty Images
Well, he's 66 years old now, and while serving a 33 year prison term he has taken up a new vice. 

Recently, he was caught concealing something under his shirt in the prison cafeteria. When confronted, the guard discoverd that he had smuggled more than a dozen oatmeal cookies.

Hey Harvey? Do you know if Las Vegas prisons have the internet? You may want to verify the identity of "walruskkkch".

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  1. Call Sesame Street - someone is missing their monster...