Saturday, September 21, 2013

Out Californee Way

California is a land blessed with immense natural resources.  Thousands of miles of coastline, deep water harbors, navigable rivers, fertile valleys, oil fields, and mineral resources, all waited patiently for the hand of free people seeking their dreams. 

In the 19th  century the promise of unbounded wealth brought millions of people from all over the world, and a vast empire built on gold, shipping, timber, fisheries, and agriculture appeared, all with no government regulation, no grants.  It was all created by individual people willing to risk their fortunes and their very lives.  Dreams like "El Dorado" remain myths until free people create them.

Headed West, Late 1800's

Capitalism, individual freedom, and the human spirit created California.

In October, 1929, the nation's economy imploded, leaving millions of people across America homeless.  Businesses were destroyed, fortunes were lost, and people by the thousands huddled in "Hoovervilles".

In the midst of this, a major drought overtook the midwest, destroying much of the agriculture industry, and forcing people to abandon their farms.  Thousands of desperate people migrated westward to California, in search of work in the growing agriculture industry in the Owens valley.  Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath", a fictional account of the Joad family, was nevertheless a true story for the people who actually lived it.

Like those before, they brought with them their hopes and dreams, and the willingness to work.

Headed Out "Californee Way", ca 1930
Fast forward to 2013.  After decades of utopian socialism as practiced by people such as Jerry Brown, the dream has become a nightmare.  Overregulation, political correctness, the erosion of individual rights, and the creation of a dependent welfare class, all born of social engineering by the left, have turned the state into an unrecognizable caricature of it's former self.

The conventional viewpoint says we need a jobs program and we need to cut welfare.  Just the opposite!.  We need more welfare and fewer jobs. --  Actual quote by California Governor Jerry Brown

The State's leftists continue to treat national sovereignty as a non-issue, and the state has become largely a place of safe haven for people who invade illegally.  Simultaneously, the regulatory climate forces others out.

Headed Out "Californee Way", ca 2013

Headed Out "Oklahomee Way", ca 2013
And the madness continues.  Two State Senate bills were recently sent to Governor Brown for his signature.  One allows for the provision of abortion services by non-licensed persons, and the other would allow illegal aliens to practice law.

These bills were defended on the basis of "fairness" and increased access to the availability of these services, with no apparent regard for the legality, or for the quality of the services received.

The left has learned nothing from the collapse of Detroit, and their continuing destruction of California will lead it to the same fate.

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