Monday, September 2, 2013

Put Me In A Zoo! - Well...Maybe Not...

So I finally broke down and did it. I bought a zoo pass. We spent the day there enjoying lions, tigers, bears and...well...other stuff.

I learned a few things:

  • I think piranha are just misunderstood. The other flat ugly fish make up those bloody horror stories because they're jealous of the piranha's bling.
  • A day or two ago, Harvey at IMAO posted a link about hippies not being everywhere. Though this may be true, the zoo is not one of those places.
  • I'm not a big animal fan, but I'm betting they could sell me a ticket to the zoo just to watch the people. Oh my. Besides the always entertaining hippies, I saw everything from an older woman with a sort of mohawk haircut and torn jeans to several women obviously about to give birth. So many pregnant women. Dangerously pregnant. Also many brand new infants. Strange. I wouldn't want to walk and WALK looking at animals a week after giving birth...but to each his own. I also saw teenager thugs up to no good (why do they choose the zoo? of all places to loiter?) and sweet little elderly couples holding hands. The people watching was prime. :)
  • Apparently, some of the zoo buildings are cooled by pumping cool air through vents in the floor. I had never seen this method before. I discovered it when I walked across a vent...which would have been great if I hadn't been wearing a skirt at the time.
  • I looked and looked, but I didn't see walruskkkch. Only his sea lion cousin types. :(
  • In all likelihood, Michelle Obama has been health-ify-ing the menus at the zoo, as well.  Apparently grossly underfed, the tiger thought this cute, but scrawny 4 year old looked like a 7 course banquet.

  • (Judging from the tantrum he had when we left, I think I may be learning more lessons from the zoo in the near future. :P )

    How did you spend your labor day weekend?


  1. Started working on what I hope will turn into an animated political-sci-fi-comic epic, if only it lives up to the narrative of its opening titles. Now I have to actually draw the thing.

  2. I didn't see walruskkkch

    ...did you try using cookies for bait.

  3. Looks a little like the Milwaukee Zoo.

    1. It looks EXACTLY like the Milwaukee Zoo. Have you been there?

    2. I've been there many times. I lived in the Milwaukee area for about nine years, in St. Francis, Bayview, and eventually Waukesha. Small world ainahey.

  4. Did NO ONE get the LABOR DAY/pregnant women connection?