Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Can You Get A Black Belt In "Phony"?

So the guy who supposedly represents the Oneida Nation and is proclaiming how offensive the Washingtons Redskins name is to all his First Nation brothers turns out to be a big phony.  Ray Halbritter, according to the Grand Council of Chiefs governing the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy, is not a legitimate member of the Oneida tribe.  "He is not even tecnically an Oneida.  There is not a drop of Oneida blood in him".  If you like, you can see the article here.

Turns out, what he is instead, is one of Obama's pals, trying to help Obama leverage his objection to the name "Redskins"

Apparently he runs a casino owned by the Oneida Nation.  That may be what he does for a living while passing himself off as a Native American, but it doesn't make him one.

On another matter, President Obama gave Iranian President Rouhani a 2700 year old silver artifact, made in Iran way back then.  Only problem, the thing is a fake, made who knows where,  in 1999.   

The facts are bad enough, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there's a connection between these events:   Phony Oneida poser makes phony argument about phony issue, in spare time makes phony Iranian artifact, gives it to clueless phony President, who, in a phony attempt at unity, gives it to phony spiritual leader, at a meeting to discuss Rouhani's phony promises about their nuke program. 

Phony Native American
Phony Artifact
Phony President
Phony?  He's Not Telling
The folks at MSNBC will only cover this one if they can find some way to blame it all on those rotten, phony Tea Party people.

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