Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Disasters Come In All Shapes And Sizes....

Disasters befall mankind all the time.  Despite our best planning, and our most heartfelt good intentions,  things can go wrong.  Sometimes very wrong.  Sometimes the thing we need to do to prevent it is to take better account of natural forces like gravity, or the design parameters of steel or concrete.  Sometimes we simply need to understand history, and be aware of the responsibility that comes with voting.    Depending on the type of disaster we encounter, it can be very dangerous, and require a lot of toil and capitol to overcome.  At the extreme,  it has the potential to destroy people's lives, and the future of their children.  

When a disaster like the ones shown below occurs, what is required is responsible people who will do what is necessary to restore the situation, and to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent it from ever happening again.  The photos that follow don't scratch the surface, but they illustrate what can happen if we're either ill prepared, or ill informed.

A Twofer....


  1. Springeraz, you are one frightening dude, you know that?

    One thing I don't get - why did you show something comparatively comfortable and familiar (the nuke) as your next-to-last picture? The Sesame-Street-like "one of these things is not like the other" discontinuity is glaring!

    Heck, the damage that could possibly be done by a mere single nuke - even if it hit a place like New York City - is infinitesimally small compared to the real long-term cost Obama and his cadre are inflicting upon this country, whether we're talking economic damage, physical damage, or (assuming we don't stop Obamanationcare) in actual lives lost.

    Face it: Obama - WAY worse than a nuke set off in our biggest city.

    And the Dems cheer for this.

  2. You could add a dog's-eye-view of Obummer coming at him with knife and fork...