Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This One is For Harvey

IMAO trivia question of the evening: By what distinctive feature is Frank J.'s hardworking, responsible personality (the one he refers to as "Harvey") easily identified?

That's right. He has a beard. (I'm not sure how that works with multiple personalities. Is he Frank J. in the morning when he shaves? And then, after 5 pm or so, becomes Harvey? I'm not privy to the details. But that's beside the point.)

Let's just go with what we know.

Given: "Harvey" has a beard.

The current popularity of the shaggy hipster movement means that for the first time in his life, Harvey is on trend. In fact, the unshaven look is so desirable, that companies that produce razors are beginning to take a hit. Some men are even considering "facial hair transplants". Wow. Guys must REALLY think Harvey is cool.

In case you're an average nerd, and a little behind on what's stylish, here's everything you need to know about the Statement that is Stubble:

Confession from Anonymiss: I am a recovering hirsute-hater. I only recently learned that whiskers have different textures ranging from scratchy and rough all the way to soft and cushion-y. Though brillo beards have little allure, the idea of a fleecy one is beginning to grow on me.


  1. For the record, my beard is as soft as a bunny's bottom.

  2. Do you have anyone who can corroborate your story? ;)

  3. Well, there are a bunch of bunnies that had their rather rough bottoms stroked until Harvey finally met Matilda.

  4. Well it makes sense...it's like Spock/Evil Spock.

  5. I have to admit I am behind the times. I have never stroked a bunnies bottom.

  6. Spock = no beard
    Evil Spock ("Mirror Mirror") = beard
    Duck Dynasty Spock = superbeard

  7. It's true about the wood-chopping capabilities. Never handle a heavy, bladed tool of any kind without at least a 5'o'clock shadow. Important safety tip!

  8. I would be alarmed if a beard started to grow on you.:)