Monday, October 14, 2013

What Is There To Investigate? (w/ Update..).

Phil Griffin, CEO of MSNBC, is unhappy that Fox News ratings are so much higher than those of his own network.  Challenging the legitimacy of these ratings, he has called for an investigation.  If there was such a thing in the news industry as the Whining Award, he would have a lock on the gold.

Personally, I don't think it's necessary to mount any sort of investigation, because the reasons for the problem are right under his nose.  In my own humble opinion, the reason is simply this, Mr Griffin:  when it comes to journalistic integrity, and providing truthful unbiased information to viewers, your network sucks, and Fox News doesn't.

Apart from the matter of your obvious political bias, you have Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Melissa Harris Perry (seriously?  tampon earrings?) et al, and Fox has Megyn Kelly.  Really man, how hard is this?

UPDATE...Harvey mentioned that Harris-Perry reminded him a little of Ruth Buzzi.  I thought she looked a little more like Gilda Radner.... which one do you think?  If neither one fits, who do you think she looks like?  Anonymiss will pick the best answer and send some cookies.......And, apologies to both of them for comparing either one to Harris-Perry.  Gilda is gone from us now, but Ruth is still with us.  God bless both of them.

Ruth Buzzi
Gilda Radner


  1. The most telling thing is that "Faux News" is considered "conservative" or "right-leaning" when they are simply being balanced. That is how far left the other alphabet soup networks have become. Other than their opinion based stuff, Fox isn't biased. They are heavily biased to the right on the opinion stuff, and admittedly so. The other networks are so used to intertwining bias in their actual news reporting, they don't even realize they are doing it anymore. And yes, Fox has Megan Kelly. Who ya gonna watch? Her or Rachel Madcow?

  2. Say, am I the only one who thinks Ms. Perry looks a little bit like Ruth Buzzi?

  3. Why is she wearing tampons?

    1. I think she was upset about some abortion legislation they passed in Texas. Or something..

    2. She graduated from a progressive school where girls wore their tampons on their ears as symbols of their feminism. Actually she looks like this squirrel photoshopped eating shrooms out of the Queens garden at the WH.
      Image was uplifted from the Peoples Cube w/o remorse or credit to Chairman Meow because in" The State" only the people are given credit!

  4. That photo of her looks like a cross between M. Jackson shortly before his death and the dramatic chipmunk.

  5. Kind of Ruth Buzzi with a twist of Ru Paul.

    And both Buzzi and Paul are still better looking overall.

  6. The answer to the age old question: What if William "Refrigerator" Perry sat on Perry Como's head.

  7. No offense to Urkel.