Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NYT: It's Not A Big Fat Shameless Lie If Obama Says It

The New York Times has raised the bar on "Shameless Water Carrying Euphemisms" with their latest entry:  They stated that "If you like your plan you can keep it. Period." was of course not to be taken literally.  They declared that it is not in fact a Big Fat Lie, they refer to it as "An Incorrect Promise". 

This level of euphemism rises to the level of poetry.  It's almost on the level of Literature.  I'm not sure if there is a Pulitzer Prize category for this kind of thing, but if there is, they've got a lock on it.  I'm impressed at the ease with which the left media comes up with ways to help Mr. Obama cover his unceasing stream of deception.

There's an entire list of such euphemisms by Obama's stooges to be found at Hot Air, but they are pale shadows of this masterpiece from the NYT.  One that comes pretty close is Huffpo's " Impractical Vision"  These entries are very inventive, but they're not in the same league as the Grey Lady...

Apparently, according to the NYT, a big fat lie is not a big fat lie if Mr. Obama says it, and if they are there to help us understand what he really meant to say. 

Here's some other possibilities for the NYT if they get stuck:

"Inadvertent gum-flapping"

"Heartfelt jocularity"

"Fully Engaged Platitudinous Meanderings" 

"Lighthearted Hi-jinks"

"Courageous, Straightforward Metatruth"

"Unassailable Unchallengeability"

"The Merest Speculation-Based Yet Virtually Well Intended Thought Projection"

Maybe you have some other ones......


  1. "Course correction"
    "Random walk"
    "Clintonian testimony"
    "NYT editorializing"

  2. "Clintonian testimony".....that's great.... It counts as a twofer...or a threefer if you include Hillary

    1. Ok, THERE'S a visual I'm gonna need to wash my eyes out with battery acid to clear out.