Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mr. Obama, Hard At Work

He has a pen.  He has a phone.  What else does he need?  Anytime someone disagrees with him, he can simply pen a quick memo to Holder, or pick up the phone and call the IRS.  Problem solved.  Valerie and his speechwriters are the only other people he talks to, and they're in the next room.  This frees up enormous amounts of time for golf, vacations, and important State functions like Executive Orders,  speeches and fund raising.  Once in a while, somebody in congress brings up the Constitution, or somebody forgets to let Biden or the dog back in, but nobody ever said the first ten years of running an Empire would be without some glitches...


  1. pretty much right on, except that obama likes to put his feet on the desk. probably because it is the Resolute Desk and was a gift from the British.

    or perhaps just because he has no class at all.

  2. He was raised muslim, and showing or placing the bottom of your foot on someone/thing is considered a great insult, so maybe you've got something there.