Thursday, February 20, 2014

"...The Laws Of Nature And Of Nature's God..."

We've all had days like this....  sometimes you're the hawk, sometimes you're the squirrel....  If the hawk is just trying to get food for it's babies, then you're the hawk.  If the squirrel is some moron trying to break into your house, then you're the hawk. If the squirrel is just some moron who won't get off your lawn, then you're still the hawk.  But maybe, if the hawk is the government, and we let it happen, then we're the squirrel.  Maybe.    

So let's break it down:  If there's some moron in your space who's causing a problem, then you're the hawk.  But if the moron is from the government, then we're all the squirrel.  

That is, we're only the squirrel until we all realize that when it comes to government morons, We The People have always been the hawk. honest, who were you rooting for?

For title reference, see here.

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