Monday, March 17, 2014

Ban Ghazi

The Girl Scouts, Beyonce, and a number of high-profile busybodies influential figures want to ban the word “bossy,” because the term is purportedly a pejorative, used to discourage girls from pursuing leadership roles. The campaign was initiated by the COO of Facebook — you know — the same institution that prohibits ads for guns, but apparently had no problem with marketing adult webcam ads to teenage girls.

Fine. It’s just another word or phrase that needs to be eradicated to promote civility, to encourage diversity that leads to the proliferation of those undeservedly maligned by radical conservatives, including societies noted for their tolerance — tolerance of things like stoning women accused of adultery, beheading them if they shame their families, and allowing 9-year-old girls the privilege to marry.

Is it just me, but has the number of terms that are deemed offensive grown in inverse proportion to the president’s approval ratings over the past few years? Now, utter the words “inner city” or “culture” in connection with the concept of personal responsibility and you might as well torch a cross during a live press conference. And I’m still not quite clear on whether the phrase “welfare queen” is blatantly racist, sexist, or homophobic.

Perhaps some capitulation is called for. There must be another word besides “bossy” that’s free of the associated negative connotations. Hmm. lists a little more than a dozen alternatives, the least objectionable of which is arguably “commanding.” Here are the rest:


Wow, those are a bit harsh. Maybe “bossy” isn’t so bad after all. In fact, some high-minded reformers would be wise to embrace the term, lest they be labeled verbophobes.

A major motion picture may be just the vehicle to launch such a transformation. They could do well with a remake of that animated epitome of male chauvinistic cine, that relic of repressive 20th century America, “Snow White.”

We'll obviously need to switch things around, and develop an exemplary role model as the protagonist. Speaking of which, whom shall we cast as the evil assertive queen?

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