Friday, March 14, 2014

Celebrating More Than is Necessary: Updated

Personally, I try to celebrate as often as possible. With the world in the state it is in, if we focus on what is wrong, we will never see past it...we will never see the beautiful. The silver lining in those clouds is not brash or overbearing. It has to be sought.

In that spirit, I would like to suggest that we find something that is absolutely ridiculous to celebrate. I mean, why not? One thing those liberals have yet to take away from us is our right to be happy. So let's show them.

Here is an idea that I like to remember every year: Half Birthdays. Who says we can only commemorate the amazing date of our birth annually? And since such a date deserves great recognition, once a year isn't nearly enough.

So I give you this:

and this:

and for good measure, this:

How do *you* celebrate frivolously (and bug all the liberals that want us depressed)?

[Update: Hey! Today is actually Harvey's half-birthday at IMAO! Be sure and leave a comment to tell him how excited you are to share in the celebration. On this auspicious occasion,  his beard is half a year older... :) ]


  1. How old *IS* your beard, Harvey?

    1. Harvey's beard was probably pre-natal, so if you assume to add about six months then the beard would be celebrating a full birthday today.

  2. Technically, my beard was born on November 1, 1991, the day I got out of the Navy, so its half-birthday is in 6 weeks :-)

  3. So you were completely beardless before that? Pictures or I don't believe it.


    I'm on the left in the Hard Rock t-shirt.

    Had a mustache, though.

    Except for a few weeks in boot camp, I've always had a mustache

  5. Salut!
    That's half a salutation.

  6. Oh, and I plan to annoy liberals by celebrating the last week of winter by making a snowman, shouting "I'm global warming!" and kicking it to pieces.

  7. Half a B, philosophically, must ipso facto half not see. [Singing] A laa dee dee, a one two three, it's Harvey's half a B. A B C D E F G, it's Harvey's half a B. Is this blog employee-ee, twice as good as Anony? Read their stuff, and then you'll see - it's Harvey's half a B. The End.