Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Looking For A Clue

It was said that in about 400 BC Diogenes walked  around the marketplace in Athens carrying a lamp, looking for an honest man.  It was a complete waste of time, and I suppose he intended it as political commentary, but at least he didn't bother trying it in DC…. 

Obama has a very busy schedule.  When he isn't golfing, vacationing, or attending A-list fundraisers, he's hard at work on foreign policy, the economy, or social inequality.  At least that's what Jay Carney says.  And somehow in the midst of it all, he finds time for late night comedy spots like the appalling example here.

Considering that his efforts in those areas are all colossal failures, what he needs to do is find some time to search, not for an honest man, but for a clue.  Any clue.  About anything.

The problem with that is this:  Before someone sees the need to look for a clue, they must first acknowledge that they in fact need one.  That would suggest that they already have one, because they're aware that something they're doing needs improvement.  That kind of humility isn't something Mr Obama appears to be capable of.
Maybe if he ever finds one, he'll share it with his pals in DC, and with the people in the country who still support him.


  1. When it comes to a clue, DC has none....

  2. There have been studies done recently (last 20 years) on competence. You need a certain level of competence to accurately assess your level of competence. A certain level of self-deprecating self awareness is needed otherwise. I'm a software engineer; I know nothing about, say, surgery. If you needed emergency surgery and I was your only hope - stranded on an island kind of thing - I'd do my best, but even if we had access to all the modern medical equipment needed, we should both expect you to die if I am your surgeon. But a narcissist can't admit that to themselves. So a malignant narcissist like Obummer can't admit to himself that he doesn't know something (it IS all about him, after all), and without sufficient competence in a particular topic, he won't realize that he doesn't know what he doesn't know. And he won't go looking to find out, because to do so would require a level of self awareness that he's missing. Remember, this guy is completely convinced that a committee of < 300 Congresscritters, people who are predominantly lawyers, are able to craft a health care plan that will work equally well for 310,000,000 people, and do so better than those 310,000,000 could do it. Arrogance at its finest.

  3. Obama thinks a clue is something that holds two pieces of paper together...