Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where Does He Keep Them All?

Yesterday Mr. Obama asked Congress for 1.1 Billion for gun control.  Who would have guessed that having our rights taken away from us would cost us this much of our own money?   Good luck with that, Mr. O.  But it's anybody's guess what he'll really do with the cash.  

Meanwhile, The Washington Post just gave Obama 2 more Pinocchios for lying about women's wages.  I guess he's desperate, once again, to come up with something shiny to distract us, this time from the ongoing Obamacare catastrophe and from Mr. Holder's performance yesterday in front of Congress.  

The only thing he appears to be any good at is lying, so it naturally follows that he would end up with a giant stash of Pinocchios.  But how many does he think he needs?  And where does he keep them all?



  1. Where does he keep them all?

    Dude, that question answers itself.

  2. That is one hilarious cartoon dude

  3. In Fibber McGee's closet, naturally.