Thursday, June 26, 2014

Baby Steps

We Need a New Strategy for Washington D.C.

Every election cycle there's lots of talk about "cleaning up Washington", usually with mixed results. Numerous worthwhile ideas have been proposed, from Glenn Harlan Reynolds' (The Instapundit's) "Revolving-Door Surtax", to my own half-joking desire to see an occasional knife fight on the Senate floor, to even more wildly radical proposals like "actually abiding by the Bill of Rights".

But while not meaning to detract from recent accomplishments by hard-core Constitutional Conservatives, I must stay it's still clear more - much more - needs to be done.

What we need is a new strategy for Washington D. C.

And....... until we get that hammered out, we need to take baby steps...

See? That's exactly what I mean!

Baby steps! 

Just a little measurable progress, one baby step at a time.  We'll get that placed cleaned out before long!

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