Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bill And Hillary...A Love Story

According to Bill Clinton, Hillary is "not out of touch".  He backed up her claim that they were "dead broke when they left the White House", with nothing but the clothes on their backs  and the Van Buren China, living in a van down by the river.  Hillary sold all her jewelry to pay for Bill's saxaphone lessons, not knowing that he had sold his sax to buy her a nice jewelry box. They struggled, but they had each other.

Pretty unambiguous, coming from a guy who isn't sure what the definition of "is" is.

Waiting in line at the Pennsylvania Avenue soup kitchen
According to Breitbart News,  Bill and Hillary's tax returns indicate they  reported a combined income of $358,000 in 2000, and in 2001, the year they left the WH, that number rose to 16 million dollars.  They have amassed a fortune in excess of 100 Million dollars since then.  That ain't bad for "dead broke".

In the ongoing power struggle between Obama and the Clintons, WH "advisors" seized the issue to cast her as "out of touch", which I guess is somehow supposed to help us all relax and understand that Obama isn't such a bad guy, or something. 

So Hillary's either "out of touch" or not, depending on whether you listen to Bill, or Obama's strategists.  

But in those days by the river, they could lie blissfully in each others arms by the campfire at night, watching the stars, and dream about the future.  Bill and Hill knew one thing:  They were truly blessed.  They could ignore the cold and the hunger, because they had each other, and they lived in a country filled with millions of clueless, gullible liberals.  Hillary lay there in the darkness, listening to the sound of the river and the wind in the cottonwoods.  She knew that great things waited for her in the future... 


  1. $100 million ain't nothin'. The Obamas blow more than that on a VACATION.

  2. How is it even possible to blow $100+mil on a vacation and NOT bring home something like Bora Bora as a souvenir?

    1. And I bet they're typical liberals: Lousy tippers.

    2. Of course not's other people's money they're using to tip after all.

    3. But tipping is a nasty capitalist practice. Good socialists think the "help" should be paid a "living wage."

      And heck, $100 million is just a rounding error to these guys.