Monday, June 2, 2014

Reality Is Whatever They Need It To Be On A Given Day...

Joseph Goebbels said that a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.  

When a lie becomes the truth for the liar as well, we have entered a new realm.  The closer people are to the source of the fiction, the more intent they seem to be to reinforce it.  John Kerry has, for decades, proven himself well suited to the task. 
Regarding Obama's foreign policy decisions, and his clueless handling of international relations, Mr. Kerry actually said recently that Mr. Obama should take more credit for his foreign policy successes.  Mr. Obama and those closest to him seem to believe that merely by saying something, it somehow becomes actual reality.

If you're like me you probably thought Mr. Obama couldn't pick a worse SecState than Hillary.

Mr. Kerry doesn't appear to be putting us on, I believe he's as delusional as his boss.  Unless and until this delusional regime is removed from power, truth, honor, and naive ideas such as doing the right thing simply because it's the right thing, will remain absent from our government.   

Long ago others noted the similarity between Mr. Kerry and the Moai of Easter Island.  Mr Kerry bears an unmistakable likeness to those statues.   People have been playing with the uncanny resemblance for a while, notably  PJ Media, who nailed it over a year ago, (see here). 

 But here's my take anyway.

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