Monday, July 14, 2014

Great Tunes - You Shook Me All Night Long - ACDC

Lets face it: There is no possible way to hate this song. No matter how many times or how often you hear it, it's always got to bring a smile to your face, and an air guitar to your hands. Back in the days when I could actually hit a high note or two, this was one of my favorite karaoke songs. Anyway, I got to thinking: If Obama were to sing this song for karaoke, how would he do it? (Why I was thinking this isn't important right now.) I thought he would probably do it in a smarmy lounge style, like Richard Cheese, the title would have to be changed to something like I Shook You All Term Long, and the words would have to go a little something like this:

Transform the Fundaments,
Cause I'm the President.
And the Good Lord knows that I am
I'm your Messiah guy
Tellin' you no lies [yeah right]
Watching you all
With my NSA spies

You should pay your Fair Share™
For polluting our air.
You can tell me you're broke
But I don't really care.

Cause my pres'dency's rockin'
History's knockin'
But recovery's balkin'
So I'll just keep talkin'

Aaaand I Shook you All Term Long!
Yeah I Shook you All Term Long!

Workin' double time
On the deception line
I am one-of-a-kind
Your money's mine all mine.

Give me all your applause
You know, for Just Because.
Watch my right hand
While my left (re)writes laws

Cause the country's breakin'
While I keep takin'
Til your wallet's achin'
And you didn't make that

And I Shook you All Term Long
Knock you out I said
I Shook you All Term Long
Chris's Leg was shakin' and
I Shook you All Term Long
Yeah, I Shook you
When I rooked you!

I really snookered you and
I Shook you All Term Long
I-I-I-I-I-I-I I Shook you All Term Long
Yeah, yeah I Shook you All Term Long
I really neutered you and
I Shook you All Term Long
Yeah I Shook you
Yeah, I Rooked you

The Richard Cheese Version

The ACDC Version


  1. Every couple has a song, and this is ours.
    We were walking to the dance floor at a college formal and the DJ spun out the slow song and spun this up . . .we still danced and have been together over 20 years.

    1. Hah! Ours was Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

      We are currently in the "Praying for the End of Time: porion of the song...also 20 years later.

    2. Ours was "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer. Because it was a popular song at the time, and it was like, every red light we came to that stupid song would play on the radio. So, obviously, a kiss was in order.

    3. I don't recall that song. And even after listening on Youtube, I still don't recall it.

      Over the years, we had a few, but I guess that's done now...

      I'll just rest happy knowing the last one was Steel Panther's "Weenie Ride."

  2. Never saw the appeal of a three chord guitar hack dressing up like a jackass and doing a bad Chuck Berry duck walk imitation.

    1. For me, the appeal is not the technical aspects of the music: I don't listen to ACDC to appreciate the musical mastery of the band. Let's face it: they haven't made 17 albums; They've made one album seventeen times.

      I like ACDC because they're loud, they're raucous, and when they play, it's like a primal scream that makes me forget how much I hate life, otherwise, if only for a few minutes.