Sunday, July 13, 2014


So, last week, Twitter was all aglow with Palestinians and their supporters trying to gain sympathy from the world after Israel clobbered them with a few missles in retaliation for what is estimated to be, annually, about 7000 rockets fired from Gaza at civilians in Israel.

How did they go about do this?

Well, they took a cue from Dear Leader and started a hashtag campaign. Only, instead of using their prior, time-honored hashtags like #freeGaza and #freePalestine, they decided to try a few new ones, like #HitlerWasRight and #HitlerDidNothingWrong.

I'm sure that's going to gain a lot of sympathy, because as everyone knows, four million Hew-hating Palestinians just CAN"T be wrong. And if I want insightful commentary on a major issue facing the modern world, obviously the first place I'm going to look is Twitter.

Oh, #Hitler! If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right!

History tells us that Hitler wasn't ALWAYS right, though, doesn't it? I mean, he DID do at least a few things wrong, on which I think we can ALL agree. For example, he thought he could be an artist, and that didn't turn out really well, now did it? And that whole thing with trying to invade Moscow in the winter went down as one of history's biggest blunders. Even Napoleon would couldn't argue with that.

But I'm sure that even those of us who don't hate Jews can find a common ground with those who do, and agree that, at least in some ways, #HitlerWasRight.
  • Communism stinks on ice. #HitlerWasRight
  • A Beer Hall is as good a place as any, when Putsch comes to shove. #HitlerWasRight
  • Big Bertha is an AWESOME name for a cannon. #HitlerWasRight
  • Some books are better burned than read. #HitlerWasRight
  • If you scapegoat the Jews enough, the Arabs will kill themselves trying to exterminate them. #HitlerWasRight.
  • The enemy of my enemy is my friend. For now. #HitlerWasRight
  • Austrian is the language of the future. #HitlerWasRight
  • French people are rude and arrogant and need to be squashed. #HitlerWasRight
  • The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain. #HitlerWasRight
  • In Hertford, Hereforf and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen. #HitlerWasRight
  • Shipping her to the U.S. is what you do with a problem like Maria. #HitlerWasRight
  • You SHOULD be allowed to go as fast as you want on rural highways.
  • Fahrvergn├╝gen. Enough said. #HitlerWasRight
  • American beer is like making love in a canoe. (link NSFW - naughty words) #HitlerWasRight
  • If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually vote for Obama come to believe it #HitlerGoebbelsWasRight
  • At least four out of five dentists recommend not getting punched in the mouth. #HitlerWasRight
  • Coke is, in fact, better than Pepsi. #HitlerWasRight.
I'll leave you with a few of the lovely tweets that passed for serious commentary on Twitter, hust so you know I wasn't making the whole scenario up.



  1. Some have said that it was the six summer weeks it took him to conquer Yugoslavia that cost Hitler Moscow.

    1. If I recall correctly from Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, there were a number of inexplicable delays leading up to Operation Barbarossa that cost the Nazis not only Moscow and Russia, but eventually the war itself.

      It would be interesting to speculate what might have happened had the invasion been a success. Would he have eventually have won he war, or would the effort have depleted the German army to such an extent that they would not have been able to repel the allies. History would have been much different had he defeated Stalin before being defeated himself.