Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's Send Jews To Mars...All of Them

Jews in Spaaaaaace....
So once again, Israel screwed up. Hamas fired rockets at them, and they shot them down. Then they retaliated, and a lot of "Palestinians" died.  The world media took a lot of pictures of the dead Palestinians, and Israel only had like one dead guy to show for it. So this makes the Palestinians the good guys, automatically...if you are European. Or stupid. Or a leftist. Or a conspiracy theorist who hates Jews. Or a white supremacist. Or a black supremacist. Which are all the same thing really; a long list of stupid people.
But lets just focus on the Europeans here, since they are the most humorous of the bunch. In America, we have "invaders from the South", as in Mexicans, other Central Americans, and South Americans. I'd personally blame very few of these for wanting to come here, but it just doesn't work so I want a more controlled approach to the whole thing. In Europe, you have Muslim Arabs. And the Europeans are incensed at their invasionary numbers. One of the biggest complaints now is getting a sandwich with bacon on it, since Halal is now the order of the day in some European countries like the UK for instance. It's not just about controlling the numbers...they are downright tired of Muslim Arabs. 

Of course, smart people realize there has been a war going on for centuries between the west and the middle east. So it's hard to compare Shariah-peddling immigrants with Chiclets-peddling immigrants. But the point there I want to make is about the borderline hatred many Europeans now have for Muslim Arabs. While I think hatred is an unreasoned emotional approach to dealing with one's fellow man, I do understand their reasons for it. Islam is a religion of conquest. So there is a true danger inherent in it, and it's practitioners, when it comes to destroying ones own culture.

But Europeans are especially funny when it comes to outsiders. The Jews are the very best example of this. We think of Europe being bad to Jews, and we think of Germany in WWII. But honestly, the story of Jewish hardship in Europe goes on for many centuries. They also forbid bacon on a sandwich, but unlike their Muslim cousins, they would never dream of pushing the issues onto others. And unlike a lot of immigrants, Jews have a tendency to work hard and be successful and don't go for the whole welfare and benefits thing. But Europeans still hate em. Not that any would admit it now. I mean, that's not pc to do so. But it's still there. And it always comes out, any time Israel is being attacked by the equally despised Arabs.

You see, the list of ironies and hypocrisies really is hard to keep track of when it comes to European indigence to anything Israel does. I mean, lets consider that the Middle East is somewhat, politically at least, a result of French and British colonization. There was never such a country as Iraq prior to that. Nor was there ever a nation of Palestine. These were regions, depending on the map and the time period. The people living in Iraq have always been a mix of various Arab tribes, and in Palestine, Hebrew and Arabs and a dozen kingdoms over the years. 

All the blame can't be placed on Europe though, if we look farther back. The Crusades are usually blamed on Christianity and Europe, but a real study of them reveals that most of the Crusades were attempts to halt Muslim invasion attempts into Europe. With that and all of the above, I hope I have established that there has been a bit of a struggle between Muslims and Europe for a long time, with the unfortunate Jews in the middle somewhere.

After this last Hamas attack on Israel, and Israels usual response with brute force, we once again must suffer through the European tsk tsk'ers wagging their fat little fingers at a beleaguered Israel. An Israel truly of their own making. An Israel with a level of patience that I personally consider absurd. Europe made it quite plain that Jews were no longer welcome there anywhere when Germany turned on them so horribly in anger for sins that one could more reasonably lay at the feet of an arrogant WWI France and Britain. The Treaty of Versailles was nothing more than an engraved invitation to Germany for WWII. But the Nazis, being idiots, blamed the Jews, because that's always been popular, and took it to the ultimate step.

The Jews go the idea and (not for the first time) decided they needed their own nation. And where better than the area their ancestors came from? So Israel was escape from a continent that hated them. To a region that hated them. And when Hamas attacks them, the world itself hates them because they aren't smart enough to let the rockets land and get a lot of bloody pictures of dead Israelis like Palestine does.

If I were a Martian, or somesuch thing, and I came to Earth to observe a while, I would come to the conclusion that the entire world hates Jews. I wouldn't be able to really grasp why, since the reasons appear to be illogical, but I would easily come to that conclusion. And well, since a lot of Europeans think placating Arabs is always a good idea, and in that spirit if we could do something to placate Arabs and Europeans both...wouldn't the best idea be to send Jews to Mars?

But then, you just know those wily Arabs would claim the planet of Palestinia is off limits to Jews too.


  1. But Mars can come as close as 35 million miles every two years, and in the minds of some, that means they would have just a little too much gravitational control over the Earth.

  2. When I was in college, the "model U.N" decided to give West Virginia to the Palestinians, since we're not using it anyway.

    And, yeah, if you gave the Jews Mars, it wouldn't be long before they were accused of desecrating the Holy Shrine of Cydonia.