Monday, August 18, 2014


Ryan J. Reilly, a reporter covering the Ferguson fiasco for a news aggregator whose title deserves to be referenced with a mocking sophomoric rhyme, but I don’t feel like making an effort, posted a photo Sunday morning on Twitter of some earplugs lying on the ground, with the caption, “I believe these are rubber bullets, can anyone confirm?”

Of course, this was met with a deluge of well-deserved ridicule and many delightful digs featuring the tag #CanAnyoneConfirm?

Later that day, the reporter, who had gained a modicum of fame by live tweeting his and another reporter’s arrest at a McDonald’s, also posted this photo for some reason:


I believe this is responsible journalism. #CanAnyoneConfirm?


  1. I tweeted it for you, and linked here.

    1. Gracias! Now it looks like both Hunter and I apparently have popular pics with that hashtag.

    2. Yeah but this is with the official Nukingpolitics handle. People pay like, a nickel or so for that privilege.

  2. The guy who tweeted that is an embarrassment.

    Check this out: