Thursday, October 23, 2014


Liberals really irk me.

Over the past few weeks, I keep seeing bull snot on Facebook, garbage on Twitter, the news is full of idiocy and it really makes me want to scream and let it all out and just rant, Rant, RANT!

Very often, it's these liberal fools with their "Conservatives Don't Care" meme that apparently gives them the dual pleasure of ripping on Republicans while simultaneously letting everyone know that they're MUCH better than those nasty other guys, because they, you know, care so much more than anyone else.

Enough, apparently to spare no expense of other people's money to battle the enemies they deem worthy of fighting.

You know, like the appalling lack of free birth control for every girl over the age of three.

Or the fact that somewhere in America, there might be a school that still serves lunches that kids might actually want to eat, unlike that garbage that Moochelle Obama's 'Let's Move" initiative is shoveling straight from the White House dumpster right on to our kids' cafeteria trays. The stuff they are putting in kids' mouths is so foul that we no longer reward our kids for good behavior by allowing them to buy lunch at school, we reward them by sending a packed lunch with them.

Unless they're good, they have to buy lunch at school. And remember the War on Cookies?

For every ridiculous battle they choose to fight, they let a host of other things that might be more worthy of an actual coordinated effort fall by the wayside. Things like Ebola. Or government corruption.


Remember them? The JayVee team?

Every time I hear a liberal talk about how much they "care" I just want to scream. I heard an idiot caller on the radio the other day talking about how he had noticed that all the Americans infected with Ebola were healthcare workers, and that he figured he could avoid Ebola simply by registering Republican, since "Conservatives don't care about anyone."

Very Funny, no? No.

Even the people I work with who voted for Obama, willingly and excitedly, both times, are now wondering what the heck they were thinking. And, yes, I work in healthcare and have for over twenty years. Nothing will cure your liberalism quicker than having it soil your own nest.

Radio Idiot Caller Guy wasn't the only moron to irritate me recently. You want irritation? Check out your liberal friends time lines on Facebook. Check out their Twitter feeds. They will be full of warmed over cliches and lies that nobody with any sense has believed since maybe the Second World War. And pictures of stupid people supposedly saying stupid things and being stupid, Stupid, STUPID!

Then there's the television news, which used to have some semblance of credibility. Nowadays the only outlet I even halfway trust is Fox, and like I say: Only halfway. They've lost all credibility in their quest to further their own political agendas, which they seem to think are perfectly sane and normal, but can be easily summed up in one word;


I don't understand how this country, founded on the God-granted rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, grounded in am amazing and revolutionary Constitution can go so far off the track to decide that if there's anything you could possibly want to do, then you not only have the right to do it, but you have the right to MAKE SOMEONE ELSE PAY FOR IT!

Not in MY America.

Anyway, that's all the ranting I can stand to do for now, but given the state of the nation today, I can't imagine it will be all that long before I have to let off some steam again.

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