Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Choco-lypse Now!

It would appear that not only is the federal budget running deficits, but we are falling short in the production of chocolate as well!

This is terrible!

Without chocolate, how could Anonymiss award everyone with her extra special yummy chocolate cookies?!?

And worse, what if the shortage extends to other ingredients as well? What  if the only things left to make cookies special are raisins and walnuts and, dare I say it... SNOT?

While I am sure Anonymiss' cookies would be absolutely wonderful with nothing more than sugar, flour, water, eggs and just a touch of luuuuv, chocolate chips are always nice.

And the article mentions that dry weather in Africa is partially to blame, but stops short of mentioning (and you know it's coming) global warming.

But cocoa plants are tropical, so obviously what we need is MORE global warming to increase the arable land on which we can grow the wonderful stuff.

Speaking of global warming:
I had to scrape six inches of it off my windows the other day.

It's barely the middle of November and already Buffalo looks like it's been transpanted to the plabet Hoth

I hate winter, and it seems like it's here to stay, a month and a half early.

And all this following a summer that reminded me of my time in San Diego: Like a long, wonderful spring time. 

I think it's fair to say that over the past year or so, autumn turned into winter, winter gave way to spring, and spring gave summer and fall a miss and headed directly on into winter.

Now, if only Obama had some minstrels for us to eat...


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