Thursday, November 6, 2014

Obama's Presser Summarized

After the glorious results from the election on Tuesday, Obama held a press conference yesterday to explain that, even though he, himself, had said that it was HIS policies on the ballot, and all indications all the way down the ballot were that the change he's selling ain't the change people want, anymore, OBVIOUSLY, what the Amercan people REALLY want is for Republicans to COMPROMISE with him.

All I could think was this:


  1. "D" Nile ......... not just a river in Egypt...

  2. Saw another one today: Washington will now "work better" is Obama "his way."

    These are going to be an ugly two years.

    Pray for gridlock, it's the best that's likely to happen.

  3. Some knights you just can't reach.

  4. you get what we had here last Tuesday. And I like it just as much as you men.