Monday, November 17, 2014

Shoe Scrapers R Us

Mr. Obama just keeps stepping in it.  He's never missed an opportunity to make a situation worse by lying about it.  Whenever something leaks out, his response is predictable:  "I just learned about this". 

Whenever something Mr. Obama is doing comes to light, his first reaction has never been to address the actual problem.  The only problem he perceives is the potential for political fallout.  Predictably, he waits to see what he needs to do to make sure no responsibility sticks to him.   What happened in Benghazi, what's going on in the VA,  the ongoing saga of the Obamacare farce, Biden's latest gaffe, what the IRS is doing, etc., all news to him when and if it reaches the public' s awareness.
This time, with the recent revelations about Obamacare, it looks like he's got some gruber on his shoe.  Lucky for him, he lives in a country where the entreprenuerial spirit is still strong.  Anytime there's an opportunity to capitalize on something, somebody will step up.  Private citizens do that in this country, Mr. Obama.  This time it's a little boutique in DC that specializes in shoe scrapers.  As long as Mr. Obama keeps it up, they're sure to make a fortune.

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